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75% Off Black Friday Sale for the first Breaking The 4th Wall Ebook Compilation (Episodes 1-4)

The wall between real and fiction is no barrier to Gods.

That's right... the ebook bundle of first four episodes from the scandalous series that gives you a glimpse into the upcoming Gods Among Us Universe is coming on sale November 24-27th on Amazon. Dominant alpha males with powers? Check! Spicy scenes that will warm you from your head to your toes? Check! A writer who might be over her head but is determined to swim in sexy waters? Check! And as much as Loki wants to get his way, why should she choose just him? Three's not necessarily a crowd, after all, and there are just so many characters.


All writers say their fictional characters talk to them. Mine jumped through the fabric of reality. But it’s not like there’s a writing course on preparing for your character’s sudden appearance in your backyard. Now that Asgard’s Dark Prince has opened the door between universes, he isn’t my only fictional character to do so. It’s all well and good to design traits of dominant sexy gods that are mouth-wateringly built with fantasy warrior proportions in every respect—yeah, you know what I’m talking about—and those wicked voices that make you melt… until they turn their sights on me. What’s a writer to do but hold on for the ride and document the chaos as they turn my once quiet life upside down?

After all, inspiration comes in many forms.


This compilation includes the first four episodes of the Breaking The 4th Wall series: A Writer’s Commitment (Episode 1); Delayed Gratification (Episode 2); Don’t Taunt The Trickster (Episode 3); and Ladies’ Night (Episode 4). If you like hot Norse mythology tales featuring spicy gods, a dash of magic, and humour woven around a predominately urban paranormal fantasy, dive into this metafiction series. Inside, you'll find themes of different worlds, three's a crowd, why choose, emotional scars, a dominant alpha hero, bargain comes due, and LGBQ including gender fluidity.

Season One of Breaking The 4th Wall consists of twelve episodes, each telling the tale of a fantasy romance writer and her ongoing struggle to write her trilogy while her characters upend her life every time they invade her reality. But more than her story is at risk. She wouldn't be foolish enough to fall in love with one of her characters, would she?

Episode 5, Fury Of The Storm will be available in January. Follow me (melodygracehicks) on social media or subscribe to my website for updates. Stay warm out there.

Melody Grace Hicks

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