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Updates, Upcoming Releases, And Free Ebooks, Oh My!

Hey there! Whew, so many things have been happening all at once. Let's talk writing first, shall we? My current work in progress, the first story of the new Betrayed Destinies series is almost completely posted to my REAM and Wattpad pages. At present, Heir of Violence is restricted to just under 40K words to keep it eligible for the Open Novella Contest, but

once the contest is done and winners announced in mid-June, I'll be expanding the story to it's full length before I start the second book. After the round 1 win, Heir of Violence has passed the round 2 hurdle, so keep your fingers crossed that it does well in round 3. It'd be fantastic if this first draft won, wouldn't it?

I'm also writing Enticed, book three of the Valkyries (book six of Gods Among Us) but it's taken a back burner for a few weeks while I get some of these other projects out.

At the same time, Hidden, book one of the Triquetra Prophecy and the book that is launching the Gods Among Us Universe has been fully edited and is almost ready for ebook and paperback release this fall. I'm still deciding whether I like the new cover or if I'm going to redesign, but either way, I'll be posting the final copy to my REAM in July before its fall release. Taken, book two, is off to my editor in two weeks, so it will be ready for launch about four months after Hidden hits the shelves, and we have an editing window for Origin, book three, so you can expect it also four months after Taken. Did I mention that both early drafts of Hidden and Origin won Amby Awards for Science Fiction and Fantasy? The judging took around six months and I got the news earlier this year, unfortunately when I was out sick for a couple of months so we are celebrating now! Considering how much better the stories are after revision through the editorial process, I'm excited to release them.

Publication of the Breaking The 4th Wall novella episodes and episode bundles has been charging right along. So far, eight of twelve episodes are available in ebook format and bundle one, Seductive Characters (episodes 1-4) ebook is available for FREE (limited to Apr 28-May 2nd) to anyone who can access the marketplace. You can also pick it up in paperback and within the next two weeks, the paperback will be available for order at all major book retailers. At the same time, I'm launching the ebook and paperback of bundle two, Ephemeral Pages (episodes 5-8) on May 13th.

If you want the individual ebooks of episodes 5-8, you can pick them up for free for a limited time for each ebook (see the dates in the image) if you can access the marketplace. I wish Amazon would let me make it across all marketplaces, but that isn't an option while the ebooks are in Kindle Unlimited. I will be removing them from Kindle Unlimited to be able to run free promos across multiple marketplaces around the world but it's going to take until September before I can get them all out of Kindle Unlimited exclusivity.

The next episode of Breaking The 4th Wall is Road Trip, episode 9. It's available now for preorder and will be released June 17th. With episodes 10-12 releasing in July, August, and September, that will bring season one of BT4W to a close. I have learned a ton about self-publishing through this series. In addition to the paperback bundles, I will likely be making hardcovers also available for those who want them in that format, and exploring audiobooks in the near future.

And finally, for those who haven't jumped into BT4W, you can dip your toe in to check out the first episode, A Writer's Commitment, free in ebook format for May 3-4th!

If you enjoy these stories, consider popping a review into the Goodreads or Amazon page for the book. I'd sure appreciate the love!!

Happy reading :)

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