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Conspiracies, Thrillers, Alien Invasions, & Other Stories

Conspiracy Thrillers

Alien Invasions

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Gallows Tree Conspiracy

Fighting Gaslighters Book One

A climate change scientist, Doctor Lynn Jones stumbles upon a conspiracy that threatens to topple Canada's government. The consequences of a chance encounter entangle her emotions and life with that of the man she saves, while centering her in the cross-hairs of assassins that will stop at nothing to achieve their objectives. In a pursuit across Canada from Parliament Hill in the nation's capital to the rain forests of British Columbia and back again, it’s a not just her heart, but her very life at risk. 

Chapters released periodically, Exclusively on Ream

30 Days To Save The World

Short Story Anthology

A giant spacecraft over 1000 miles wide has appeared over North America and in 30 days the world is going to end... At least that's what everybody thinks. Starting Aug 1, follow along as your favorite Wattpad writers show the human side of life in the shadow of doom, with stories of heroism, romance in unlikely places, high stakes drama, action and adventure, horror and a little bit of science fiction. All genres come together as the countdown to (possible) extinction begins, and the world will never be the same again.

Written by: WCX Writers & Creators Rodney V. Smith, M.B. Dalto, Jane Peden, A.B. Channing, Eliza Solares, Jinn Tiole, Crystal Scherer, Cayleigh Kennedy, C.C. Starfield, Nova Nicalynn, Leigh W. Stuart, Franklin Barnes, Mags Lorang, Evelyn Hail, Lorraine Tramain, Fiora Voss, Wren Arrior, J.A. Jumphol, Bethany Swafford, Jamie Lemon, Mittu Ravi. Julia Esposito, Cardin Watts, Mikaela Bender, Jovi R, Sam Camp, Mhavel N, Brittannie Charmintine, Van Carley, Henry Scott, Melody Grace Hicks, David J. Thirteen, C. S. Solarys, Hannah J Nelson, Vee Lozada, Eli Gregory, Kristin Jacques, Ben Sobieck, Bianca Di Cocco

Edited by: Rodney V. Smith, Melody Grace Hicks, Fiora Voss, Cardin Watts


Compiled by: Rodney V. Smith, Van Carley, Eliza Solares, Iveto Ramos

Original ebook for free
Audiobook will be available in January
Special edition ebook with additional stories (including an extra from me!), hardcover, and paperback available from more book retailers
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