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Gods Among Us Universe Books

The Valkyries

Triquetra Trilogy

Mates of Muspelheim

Coming soon - exclusive to REAM subscribers

Chains That Bind _medfile_updated number.jpg

Chains That Bind

Short Story - The Valkyries Book 1.5

If you think being a woman on Earth is hard, try being the only human in a kinky sex temple on the demon world of Muspelheim. But I made my bed, choosing this five-year demon deal to clear the debt left by my parents’ unexpected deaths. Now if only I could stop fantasizing about the gorgeous dragon shapeshifter, the Demon Prince that rules this territory and whose darkly erotic gaze makes my inner submissive clench in need. Too bad he never seems interested.

Complete, 3498 Words, 1 Chpt

Monstrous Love Anthology Bites Back

Whether you like fluffy, vanilla love stories or Dark editions of truly spicy tales.

35 Wattpad Creators have teamed up to bring the smuttiest--Oh wait, I'm being told it's not all smutty--the SPICIEST--wait, I'm being corrected again--the most LOVELORN MONSTERS on Wattpad! And you get to meet the people who love these monsters! It's a Monster Mash Valentine Anthology of Short Stories.

As an added bonus, each story will be narrated and available on by iamRodneyVSmith for your listening pleasure. 

The playlist is updated as new audiobooks become available, so make sure to subscribe for updates. Video will be embedded within each story for accessibility.

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Hidden: Gods Among Us

Triquetra Prophecy Book One

After a steamy encounter with Asgard's Dark Prince unlocks her genetics, an unsuspecting scientist discovers not only are Gods real, she is one. 


When Shannon boards her flight to London, she's stunned her seatmate is a famous singer/songwriter and actor Tod Corvus. Their rawly sensual union forges an unbreakable connection while uncovering his hidden identity and triggering her dormant genes. With her sense of identity shattered, Shannon fears the destruction of everything she's worked to build in her life. Trusting her heart to another isn't on the agenda after her painful past. But more than her feelings are at stake. Mastering new goddess powers presents its own set of challenges when annoyance generates a wall of fire or fear spawns a tornado. Adjusting to her new reality requires time she may not have. 

     The God of Chaos, Stories, and Songs never expected to be blessed with a soulmate, especially after the death of his pregnant immortal wife. Finding Shannon, then losing her within hours of her goddess transformation is devastating. And it's his fault. As a new immortal of unknown background, she has no idea of the range of her abilities, how to protect herself, or even what dangers await her in the immortal world. Loki has never feared his enemies. 
     Until now.  
     Now, he has everything to lose.

54 Chapters, 140 K words
Coming to REAM in July, all major booksellers in October

What Readers Are Saying:

Wooooh, the cat's out of the bag! We knew it was coming, but the descriptions brought it to life in a way that it was still a shock. I especially liked the moment when Loki emerged - it was a fantastically clear picture of what the god himself looked like...



The free, early beta-reader draft will be available on Wattpad until end of June 2024. Although award-winning at 113 K words and 49 chapters, it differs in external conflict and antagonist, several character backgrounds, point of view, and contains approximately 30 K of slower, slice of life scenes cut from the upcoming published book.

Beta Reader Drafts Available for Comment

Taken Among Us new series name.png


Taken: Gods Among Us

Triquetra Prophecy Book Two

When his worst fear comes true, Asgard's Dark Prince will stop at nothing to rescue his pregnant consort. Yet, not even the threat of Asgard's forces looming in the skies over Alfheim can force the Unseelie Winter Realm Elves to produce Shannon when she's missing from her cell. Nightmares of his previous wife's death at the hands of the Unseelie haunt him as he searches for Shannon.

     A feisty, newly immortal Elven Goddess, Shannon isn't the type to wait for rescue. Cut-off from connecting with her soulmate Loki by a dwarven iron cuff, she doesn't know who to trust. Although born on Alfheim, Shannon has no memories of this planet or its realms. Surrounded by dark forces wielding the power of blood sacrifices, this mortal-scientist-turned-goddess must rely on her wits and limited, dwindling energy resources for her and her child's survival. Only weeks remain in her pregnancy, and the Fates don't play fair. The cost to save her son may be more than her heart can bear.

     Some truths are hard to swallow. Some laws of the universe can't be fought.  

Complete, 43 Chapters, 85 K words

What Readers Are Saying:

The yearning for a bobby pin crystallized her personality for me. In one sentence, I'm converted instantly to root for her. 

Shannon's plucky voice is a pleasure each time it speaks.

I like the mythological allusions. They make the curse more authentic, romantic, and effective.


Origin Among Us new series title.png


Origin: Gods Among Us

Triquetra Prophecy Book Three

When Loki's consort marries his rival to save their son from a deadly curse, the God of Chaos discovers that the Fates aren't done with him. The Unseelie Goddess of War's revenge against Asgard's Dark Prince puts him in a no-win scenario with a choice between losing his soulmate or his son. Bad enough that damn Atlantean prince saved Shannon when Loki couldn't, but now Elatha is saving Loki's son by stealing his mate. Neither outcome will leave Shannon and Loki's relationship unchanged. 
     While some of Shannon's Unseelie relatives have no issue with killing her son, others aren't so blase about the curse. Yet it's the prophecy at Shannon's birth that's brought Elatha and Shannon together in this arranged marriage. When betrayal strikes, it may be the key to saving not just her son, but Loki's soul as well. The prophecy hints at a chance to right a mistake that has haunted him, but it will require more soul-searching than Loki is comfortable with. 

     Wait until he finds out he'll have to get along with his rival Elatha to achieve their goals. 

Complete, 62 Chapters, 122 K words

What Readers Are Saying:

This is intriguing. Looking forward to the next update. Definitely hooked ;)

Water-logged fool. lmao. Best insult ever!! lol

She's an epic badass, that's all


Complete, 12 Chapters, 25 K words
Ensnared with tagline better image quality.png


Ensnared: Gods Among Us

The Valkyries Book 0.25 (Prequel to CHAINS THAT BIND)

When the tragic death of Inanna’s parents leaves her utterly alone, meeting a handsome stranger in a bar awakens her darkest fantasies and changes her life forever.
No one could have predicted the car accident that took the lives of Inanna’s parents. Torn between wallowing in despair and seeking the comfort of others, Inanna flips a coin, sending her to Club Illusion, one of the hottest nightclubs in Seattle. Dazzled by the beautiful people, yet nothing can prepare her for the dark-eyed stranger whose deep voice and powerful touch melt her frozen body and teach her how to live again. 
     Paz didn’t expect to come across a natural submissive so perfect for his needs. Inanna’s too innocent for his erotic games, but still, he can’t fight his instincts. Nothing stands in his way once his interest is piqued. He’s willing to use every weapon in his considerable arsenal to have her. 
     Even if it means destroying her life. 

Ooooo can we have more yet? I need more


What Readers
Are Saying:

Entangled new design v2.png


Entangled: Gods Among Us

The Valkyries Book One

To save the valkyrie who broke his heart, the Fae sea god buys her from demons, but trapped together in the new demon deal, she refuses to be owned by the cheating bastard. 

     When Mist agrees to visit her parents' home in Malibu, California, she assumes the worst she'll have to deal with is their narcissist tendencies and shallow lifestyle. They've never seen eye-to-eye on her decision to become a Valkyrie. At least it gives her somewhere to lick her wounds after Manannan's betrayal pierced her heart. But the oceanside home isn't the haven she'd hoped when recent enemies decide on payback. 

     Manannan Mac Lir is conflicted. He should be thrilled Shannon, Loki, and Elatha's quest was successful, yet the cold shoulder from Mist has him seeking his own answers. When the Valkyrie he can't forget turns up missing, more than his heart is in danger. How much is he willing to risk when she has already burned him once? 

Complete, 49 Chapters, 84 K


Enticed: Gods Among Us

The Valkyries Book Two

Civil War has broken out on Muspelheim. Desperate to keep his mate safe, Pazuzu sends Anna away from those who would kill her for sullying the Apkallu dragon gene pool. If she gives birth to a dragonet offspring, the first successful mating between human and the dragon demon rulers of Muspelheim, it will change balance between the realms. 

Kara isn't interested in the internal politics of Asgard's enemies, but finding out she has a pregnant cousin she's never met has the Valkyrie more than willing to protect Anna. Yet She-Who-Strikes-Fear, the elven dark goddess Scota who walks through shadows to take out her targets has accepted a contract to kill Anna and it will take all of Kara's skill and experience to counter Scota's attacks. 

Even if every battle between them sparks delicious heat in Kara's soul.

Coming in February
Early draft chapter view on Ream in January

My Publishing Process

To get the widest beta-reader feedback possible when writing my stories, I post initial chapters to REAM, then self-edited chapters to Wattpad. It's a great way for me to judge how readers see the story progressing and it gives you a glimpse of what the elements may or may not generate the final story. If you want to get in on these early drafts as one of my beta-readers, I've provided links. 

Once I'm satisfied with the level of feedback and I've revised my offline draft, my story is sent to my editor to ensure it is polished to bring out the best in the story which may mean adding or removing scenes, elements, or rewriting chapters to improve the characterization, pace, plot, and consistency within the overall universe. 

As of the launch date, the beta-reader versions are removed from the online platforms with a short 10% promo teaser remaining on Wattpad as part of the advertising and early posting of the final manuscript to REAM for my highest level of subscribers. Advance reader copies (ARC) are sent out to my ARC Street Team in advance of the launch. What is an ARC Street Team, you ask? It's those readers who absolutely love the universe I'm building, the characters, and their journeys so they want to help me promote my stories by providing feedback on advance copies, giving reviews of my books on Amazon and Goodreads, and shouting out on social media to help other readers find them. If you'd like to become a part of my ARC Street Team, please click the button.

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