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DON'T TAUNT THE TRICKSTER, Episode 3, Breaking the 4th Wall Season One

Not only are gods real and living among us...


you might be one



Who Am I?

My stories are science-fantasy and paranormal romance with a heady blend of world mythology, popular culture, and spicy heat. But where did I get my love of this genre mash-up? My love affair with books began with the magical fire lizards and dragons of Anne McCaffrey’s ‘The Harper Trilogy’ and then ‘The Dragonriders of Pern’ series. The way she interwove worldbuilding, poignant characters, and plot had me hooked from the first book. Fantastic fantasy story-telling aside, what drew me back to re-read the series over and over as I grew out of my childhood was the realistic science fiction elements she created to give aspects of her world a firm grounding, straddling the genre lines of fantasy, science fiction, and romance. Other favourite authors include Nahlini Singh, Laurell K Hamilton, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Johanna Lindsey, Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb, Arthur C Clarke, Spider Robinson, Robert A. Heinlein, and Lindsay Buroker. ​ When I'm not writing science-fantasy erotic romances, I’m an award-winning scientist who publishes scientific research in peer-reviewed science journals yearly for the past 25+ years, has numerous book chapters in science books, am on editorial boards of journals, has been on Discovery Channel, interviewed for newspapers, magazines, television and radio news, and gives invited talks to audiences in multiple countries. Being well-known, well-travelled, and well-established, I bring considerable world experience into my fiction writing.   Yet here you know me as my pen name, Melody Grace Hicks (MGHicks_reloaded on Wattpad). I’m still a fiction writing newbie, constantly learning and striving to improve. Although I haven’t been writing fiction itself for long, skills honed from my scientific career and being a lifelong reader seem to translate well. The first book of my Gods Among Us series (HIDDEN) is now featured on multiple Ambassador-run Wattpad profiles including: WattpadAfterDark, MythandLegend, LowFantasy, SpeculativeFiction, StoriesUndiscovered, and WattpadMulticultural. It won first place in the Count Awards and Sparkling Awards, third place in JamBoardAwards, with the second book in the series (TAKEN) taking fourth place. HIDDEN won second place Best Kiss, and Best Intimate Scene, while TAKEN won second place Best Female Lead (Shannon) in the JamBoard Awards. 

My stories are a blend of steamy romance and science-fantasy.

If you like creatures, races, immortals, gods, and goddess from mythology, you'll find them here. What about different worlds, science & technology mixed with magic? Yes, I have those, too!

And heat... oh my, is there heat.

Soulmates, enemies-to-lovers, dominant male heroes, smart, sassy females, secret identities, betrayals, shape-shifting, powers, fate, unknown origins, gender fluidity, love triangles, and second-chance love await you within my stories.

Published Stories

Meta-Fiction Breaking the 4th Wall Series
related to the Gods Among Us Universe:

A Writers Commitment v3 _small for web.png
Delayed Gratification v3.png
Dont Taunt the Trickster v3.png

Episode 1
A Writer's Commitment

Episode 2
Delayed Gratification

Episode 3
Don't Taunt The Trickster

Ebook available on Amazon 
Ebook available on Amazon 
Ebook available on Amazon September 2023
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Gods Among Us Universe

Chains That Bind regular cover size series title.png

Chains That Bind available for free in the Monstrous Love Anthology 

First Draft Stories available for betareader comment

Get early release draft chapters of works in progress 
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Advance reader copies (ARC) are sent out to my ARC Street Team four weeks in advance of the launch. What is an ARC Street Team, you ask? It's those readers who absolutely love the universe I'm building, the characters, and their journeys so they want to help me promote my stories by providing feedback on advance copies, giving reviews of my books on Amazon and Goodreads, and shouting out on social media to help other readers find them. If you'd like to become a part of my ARC Street Team, please click the button.

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