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Spice Up Your Fall Reads for FREE!

To celebrate the release of the paperback compilation SEDUCTIVE CHARACTERS, comprised of the first 4 episodes of Breaking The 4th Wall, I'm offering the individual ebook novellas for FREE from October 18-20! Get them today :)

When life gives you lemons... you write erotic novels? Absolutely! Enjoy the lemony goodness. It's been a chaotic couple of months, and sometimes, the only way to deal with overloading events like family health issues, flooding basements, and unexpected work challenges is to do your best to find the fun in life.

For my ARC readers, I apologize for not managing to get the last two individual episodes out to you before their release dates. Please do download them for free over the next few days. If you like them, I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd tell your friends and spread the word.

For those readers who prefer to hold the book in their hand and have on their shelf, I'm very excited to bring you the paperback compilation... even if Amazon changed my release date on me without notice. I guess Loki wanted you to have it earlier :)

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