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Have YOU looked up at the sky today?

It's HERE! If you thought aliens and ufos were only being discussed by the USA congress recently, you haven't looked up today. That dark shape blotting out the sky? Yes, that one. Follow along with our intrepid reporter, Rodney, as he gives us the breaking news about the craft:

We've brought together 39 authors from the WritersConnx Community to create 30 Days To Save The World, a short story anthology currently being released daily from now until August 31st on Wattpad, but it will also be available in hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and for ebook purchase. You can support our kickstarter here, to help us bring it to you in professionally edited, high quality format. Getting it through our kickstarter means getting in on the extra stuff, too! If not, you'll be able to purchase it this fall on Amazon.

I'm pleased to be both an editor and writer on this project. You'll find my story, The Newtonian Twins, kicking off the last week, with 7 days remaining on the countdown. It's not my usual spicy style, but I hope you enjoy the adventure regardless.

These stories aren't about the aliens themselves, or even about an effort to save the world. Instead, you'll find stories within that encompass the range of human condition, both good and bad. There are tales of romance, adventure, mystery, thrills, comedy, and horror... all wrapped around individuals coping with the upheaval of their everyday lives when an alien ship's arrival conclusively answers the question that we are not alone in the universe.

Or are we?

Even with it hovering above their heads, there are those that won't believe. Out of our 39 protagonists, which one is most like you? Read them all and let me know :)

I do hope you enjoy!

Melody Grace Hicks.

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