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Hardcover or Paperback? Either way, hold 30 Days to Save The World in your hand!

That's right... it's here. Who doesn't love disaster stories? Especially ones centered around alien spaceships, crazy weather, and gravity fluctuations. It's the apocalypse, baby!

If the world as you know it seems to be counting down to oblivion, what would you do?

Dive into these short stories from myself and other writers that explore this idea - individual people's decisions on how they handle the sudden appearance of a ginormous spacecraft hovering over eastern North America, spanning more than a thousand miles. Drama, Romance, Horror, Adventure, Humour, and yes, Sci-Fi—there are stories for everyone.

Whether you want it in paperback format, or hardcover, we have you covered. Both are available now on Amazon:


If you want the audiobook, we'll be putting that out in a couple months (January).

The ebook is currently free on Wattpad, with the link on my page :) but we are also producing an ebook with a few extra stories (Hint - I have TWO in that version of the anthology!)

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